Spike Dash - Game Features


Platform game-play in running & jumping across every map, avoiding enemies and walls which can kill you in one hit.

Countdown Timer

As you progress through different levels, the timer gets shorter with increased difficulty of the maps and baddies!


Beat your score record in clearing every level as fast as you can. There is no save points so you need to be careful!

Single Player

Single-Player mode only with addictive fun game-play for all ages. Classic 80's game-play in modern 3D setting.

Main Features


Get too close to an enemy creature and they will chase you around the map until your dead. Do not let them touch you!


The world environments can also hurt you, only the ground is safe! Hitting into walls will drain your energy & kill you.


Get health and extra life bonuses on various levels to stay alive. Not all levels have them, so be careful !


Explore ancient worlds and dangerous landscapes across an dozen plus levels in the game. Each world has it's own dangers.


Avoid objects / walls, locate and pick up "stars" to open the portal to the next level while being chased by aggressive enemies.

8-bit Game

Spike Dash is based on 80's 8-bit game-play with the original 2D game "Spike!" developed on the Commodore 64 computer.

Spike Dash! Game

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