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First Person Shooter

Player Modes



PC / Windows

Released Date

31st December 2015 - Starcave Entertainment


Welcome to the official Illumina game page. Illumina is a first person shooter combining fast paced action with strategic teamwork to provide a unique online game. The game is now re-released for free to the public after being in held in storage for many years.

The re-released version includes various multiplayer maps, vehicles and gameplay modes. The game graphics are old school (not up-to-date modern visuals) but the core gameplay experience is as fun as ever. Get an few friends in and this game will have you playing for hours!

Illumina - The Multiplayer FPS Game

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The Story

Illumina is an multi-player FPS game for both Online & LAN. Packed with tactical elements such as cloaking, kits, various vehicles from tanks to jeeps and large to small maps to battle on. Illumina is an FPS Game that plays in the dark, making it difficult to locate the enemy and brings an new experience as well with fear in the game-play.

Illumina storyline is divided into 3 chapters detailing various stages of the war. Each chapter spans multiple years and each chapter will provide twists and turns to the game play. Chapter 1 outlines the war between two struggling human factions. Each faction will fight for control over set checkpoints on the map whilst a secondary objective allows factions to steal data and uncover new secrets.

Chapter 1 of Illumina includes a number of maps, weapons, vehicles and objectives. The game is free to download & play Online or LAN, so get your friends in and fight it out! The game has been locked away in the vault for years and it deserves to see the light of day. The game release is dedicated to in loving memory of Illumina's Lead Coder, Josh "the force" Moore.