Illumina - Game Features

First Person Shooter

The main game-play of Illumina is FPS, including everything you would expect to be included of an fast paced action title.


Use the landscape, vehicles and teamwork strategy to win every round. Defend and push your attack at every chance!


The game is designed as an multi-player only game but includes various modes to choose from of different game-play experiences.

Tactical Abilities

Special abilities from putting down defensive turrets to cloaking and choosing different armour levels to suit your game-play.

Main Features


Fast packed Team-Based game-play. Various modern weapons, ground vehicles, and tactical game-play.


Inventory Turrets, Cloak, Health Packs, Ammo Packs and Light / Medium / Heavy Armour affecting your speed.


Packed with 15 maps across an wide range of landscapes, with most maps set in dust / night settings of game-play.


Multi-player only (no single player) and contains the standard Team-Based mode, CTF mode and Conquest mode.


Fast paced action in small maps, where in large maps the game-play changes with vehicles & squads vital to win.

The Game

Illumina is an free to play game, there is no payments in-game and is powered by the Torque Game Engine v1.5.

Illumina - The Multiplayer FPS Game

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