Camelot Galway - Game Features


At the heart of the game is the adventure mode in exploring the medieval city of 1651 AD Galway.


Learn Irish language words, the history of Galway from locals and the stories of Irish Folklore.

Fun For All

There is no time-limits, no violence, and is fun for all ages with an enjoyable experience exploring ancient Ireland.

Single Player

Single-Player mode is where you explore the city, engage with residents, go on quests and collect missing story pages.

Main Features

Story Pages

Ancient Irish Stories with over 55 pages of 8 famous myths & legends. Lost forever unless an hero arrives!


Play various mini-games and go on Quests to help the locals out on your journey around medieval Galway.


Wander around the recreated 1651 map of Galway City taking in famous landmarks and an time-capsule of shops in modern Galway.


Click on various objects in-game and learn the Irish / English words. You will be speaking in Irish in no time!


Single Player game with over 30+ hours of game-play. An classic adventure title to suit all ages and non-gamers.

Get The Game

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Camelot Galway - City Of The Tribes

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